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Together Workspace is a new co-working, flexible space business that believes the future workforce will require spaces that allow you to choose where, when and how you work to best fit around your life.

Nearly all of these spaces are located in the city, which is not where most of us want to live or build a family. The effects of the pandemic has shown us how resilient the workforce is at adapting to the new norm, that is remote working. This has allowed the workforce to have more flexibility in how, when and most importantly where they work.

We want to be able to provide great spaces in local towns and villages in Lancashire. Allowing people to keep and choose the jobs they want without compromising where they want to live or how productive/committed they can be for work.


Together Workspace aims to bring the best workspace environments close to where the people are. It will be a space for all kinds of work, from open collaborative spaces to individually focused work, with meeting rooms that will be equipped with webcams to facilitate remote calls and fast reliable internet guaranteed.



of the UK workforce is expected to have remote working capabilities

Coworking space can help with finance with on demand payments


of people who use coworking spaces say they are more engaged and motivated

A great way to network with other like minded people



Every journey starts somewhere and we need your help to show demand to kickstart this service.

Below are the services that would be provided for you.

If you live in Lancashire and would be interested in a local on demand workspace

Click below to show your interest

Every click genuinely helps.

Full Day Access

Pay to use the workspace on any day you choose. You can use at anytime:

7am-10pm    Mon-Sat


Weekly Access

Pay for access to use the workspace for a whole week. You can use at anytime:

7am-10pm     Mon-Sat


Monthly Access

Pay monthly for access to use the workspace. You can use at anytime:

7am-10pm     Mon-Sat

Meeting Room Booking

A large meeting room equipped with remote conferencing technology

Available for anyone to book from website or at location per hour:

7am-10pm   Mon-Sat





As mentioned, Together Workspace is a new venture that is hoping to be able to provide great spaces for people to be engaged, work productively and connect in all local Towns and Villages in the UK. It all starts somewhere.

We are open to working together with councils, businesses and you, to make this possible. So if you have any questions or any information that you think would be helpful, please get in touch.

Since this pandemic, we feel it is important now more than ever to create essential spaces for everyone to thrive and work together.

Want to make an Enquiry? Email us at

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