River View, Gartsang


Review View is our first location in the great historical market town of Garstang in the Wyre region of Lancashire.

The building is a new development re-purposing what used to be the old council offices, keeping the classic old brick design along with modern wood and steel structures.

It is located on the top of the High Street with the great river Wyre at the back of the building to relax and paddle in.

Next door is a family owned coffee shop that our customers can enjoy, along with the other local shops and restaurants in close proximity to the building.

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There is a car park round the back of the building that can be used.

There are a couple of space for Together Workspace users but the car park is owned by the local council and incur a charge

£1 for an hour

£2 for 2 hours


at River view we have

  • 12 man meeting room

  • 3 meeting booths

  • Industry Printer

  • kitchen counter

  • Chill/breakout area

  • high speed internet (option to purchase dedicated wifi)

  • 70 spaces available

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